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The DCA is an international Industry association based in Europe, the DCAs objective is not only to encourage collaboration between the 27 member states of the EU but also to widen participation to both new and growing markets

  • The Data Centre Alliance (DCA) represents the data centre industry to the business world, the media, governments and the general public.

  • The DCA is a not-for-profit industry association comprising of experts from across the data centre sector.

  • In addition to promoting the adoption of best practice design and operational standards, our primary role is to act as an Accreditation Body for these standards.

  • Membership is open to data centre operators both private and commercial as well as organisations which support the industry.

  • Operators will have the ability to have their facilities independently audited against best practice standards and then accredited to an official, credible and industry recognised rating.

  • The objective of the DCA is also to provide members with exclusive access to advice, guidance and academically peer reviewed documentation.

  • The DCA is committed to feeding expertise and experience from across the industry into academia and higher educational programmes to ensure the future health, growth and sustainability of the industry.

By Joining The DCA

You will be joining a growing community of organisations and experts who through the DCA are helping to support and drive key objectives which are paramount to the future development and health of the data centre industry.

  • As members you will have the ability to network at DCA social events and connect with other key organisations and industry experts via the DCA Members Portal.

  • All members have the ability to join and contribute to special interest steering groups which have been created to provide members with a voice and ability to address the key issues facing the data centre sector.

  • Individuals and organisations are openly encouraged to get involved and in return through contribution and articles submission be seen as thought leaders within the industry.

  • Members are also able to access and contribute to the DCA library containing industry wide reports, guides, and academically peer reviewed documentation as well as benefit from a range of subsidised activities and services available through the DCA.

For more information on membership levels and advice on which membership level would best suit you or your organisation, please click here