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Data Centre Alliance (UK)
Knowledge Dock Business Centre
University of East London
4-6 University Way
E16 2RD

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Committed to ensuring the future health and sustainability of the data centre industry

Roles and Responsibilities

The role of the DCA Board of Governors includes:

  • To promote and represent the DCA and the industry to the business world, governments, the media and members of the public.
  • To encourage membership and participation.
  • To advise the DCA on the activities and strategy that best serve the data centre industry.

The role of the DCA Technical Council includes:

  • To capture the data centre industry's own definition of best practice design, operation and management.
  • Develop standards that can clarify different data centre designs to those within and outside of the industry.
  • Research and evaluate new technologies and initiatives.
  • Share insight and experience to improve programmes of education.
  • Encourage innovation and methods to improve the data centre.

The role of the DCA Secretariat includes:

  • To manage financial affairs and ensure the DCA completes and submits all annual returns as required by law.
  • To manage and co-ordinate activities and events as required.
  • To implement the strategy defined by the DCA membership
  • To manage membership subscriptions and awareness initiatives.

The role of the DCA Accreditation Board includes:

  • Provide independent peer review of reports, publications and audits
  • Provide certification of data centres and auditing firms